Patent no. and title

9,391,374 Reciprocal circular polarization selective surfaces and elements thereof

9,345,183 EMI-shielding solutions for electronics enclosures using opposing three-dimensional shapes and channels formed in sheet metal

9,197,800 Imaging robot

8,391,709 MxN wavelength selective switch

8,300,675 Spreading code acquisition for direct sequence spread spectrum signals

8,284,802 High performance memory based communications interface

8,250,601 Configuration apparatus and method of configuring one or more devices having hidden configuration settings

8,233,794 Hitless MxN wavelength selective switch

8,038,582 Articulated handles for rowing exercise devices

7,590,718 Fabric network management and diagnostic tool

7,219,906 Height-adjustable cordless brake

6,905,486 Device for targeted, catheterized delivery of medications

6,468,248 Device for targeted, catherized delivery of medications

6,217,561 Medication injection device and method

6,137,896 Method of recognizing faces using range images

6,084,977 Method of protecting a computer system from record-playback breaches of security

6,079,621 Secure card for E-commerce and identification

6,076,167 Method and system for improving security in network applications

6,072,891 Method of gathering biometric information


Combined card reader and fingerprint scanner

6,058,330 Transcutaneous energy transfer device

6,052,468 Method of securing a cryptographic key

6,038,334 Method of gathering biometric information

5,995,874 Transcutaneous energy transfer device

5,991,431 Mouse adapted to scan biometric data

5,987,155 Biometric input device with peripheral port

5,984,475 Stereoscopic gaze controller

5,920,384 Optical imaging device

5,907,627 Contact imaging device

5,905,801 File transfer using facsimile modem

5,872,834 Telephone with biometric sensing device

5,867,802 Biometrically secured control system for preventing the unauthorized use of a vehicle

5,859,420 Optical imaging device

5,848,231 System configuration contingent upon secure input

5,822,445 Apparatus for identifying fingerprints

5,798,875 Apparatus for dithering

5,781,318 Circuit and method of testing for silent faults in a bi-directional optical communication system

5,778,089 Driver circuit for a contact imaging array

5,774,179 Method and system for fast microscanning

5,755,748 Transcutaneous energy transfer device

5,717,777 Longest line method and apparatus for fingerprint alignment

5,680,205 Fingerprint imaging apparatus with auxiliary lens

5,568,251 Authenticating system

5,549,953 Optical recording media having optically-variable security properties

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