Patent No. and Title

9,954,922 Method and system for rendering digital content across multiple client devices

9,930,089 Memory management of digital audio data

9,878,200 Gravity return rowing exercise device

9,729,907 Synchronizing a plurality of digital media streams by using a descriptor file

9,680,284 Lessening variations of spectral characteristic of an optical device

9,677,738 Optical device and system for solid-state lighting

9,528,932 Integrating sphere type device with specular control

9,479,826 Method and system for wireless data communication

9,479,434 Virtual destination identification for rapidio network elements

9,391,374 Reciprocal circular polarization selective surfaces and elements thereof

9,345,183 EMI-shielding solutions for electronics enclosures using opposing three-dimensional shapes and channels formed in sheet metal

9,319,720 System and method for rendering digital content using time offsets

9,203,884 Transmission of digital audio data

9,184,554 Reducing thermal dependence of amplifier gain

8,923,225 Cognitive WiFi radio network

8,879,054 High resolution wavelength measurement system using a coarse, stable timing signal

8,866,558 Integrated standing-wave voltage controlled oscillator with dual-mode coplanar waveguide resonator

8,768,121 Photonic filtering of electrical signals

8,743,000 Phase element comprising a stack of alternating conductive patterns and dielectric layers providing phase shift through capacitive and inductive couplings

8,738,740 Transmission of digital audio data

8,727,613 Method and system for measuring a parameter in a high temperature environment using an optical sensor

8,711,038 High-resolution ranging and location finding using multicarrier signals

8,711,015 Sparse data compression

8,705,960 M.times.N wavelength selective switch (WSS)

8,699,024 Tunable optical filter and spectrometer

8,670,075 Image interpolation for motion/disparity compensation

8,548,016 Tunable laser system having fine and coarse wavelength discrimination

8,532,215 Multi-carrier amplifier linearization system and method

8,488,868 Generation of a depth map from a monoscopic color image for rendering stereoscopic still and video images

8,411,966 Estimation of image relations from point correspondences between images

8,404,171 Use and provision of an amorphous vinyl alcohol polymer for forming a structure

8,402,789 High temperature stable fiber grating sensor and method for producing same

8,391,709 MxN wavelength selective switch

8,384,763 Generating a depth map from a two-dimensional source image for stereoscopic and multiview imaging

8,363,311 Optical amplifier and a method of light amplification

8,355,207 Angular adjustable variable beamsplitter

8,320,121Cooling high performance computer systems

8,300,675 Spreading code acquisition for direct sequence spread spectrum signals

8,285,809 Segmentation and transmission of audio streams

8,284,802 High performance memory based communications interface

8,275,055 Receiver for differentially modulated multicarrier signals

8,272,236 High temperature stable fiber grating sensor and method for producing same

8,250,601 Configuration apparatus and method of configuring one or more devices having hidden configuration settings

8,233,794 Hitless MxN wavelength selective switch

8,213,711 Method and graphical user interface for modifying depth maps

8,174,759 Apparatus for gain control in optical amplifiers

8,130,063 Waveguide filter

8,121,483 Packaging a reconfigurable optical add-drop module

8,102,528 Particle standard and method of calibrating or validating an optical particle analyzer

8,081,875 Wavelength switch

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